Sunday, 1 March 2009

Fina & Kina's House Warming Lunch.

What can be more exciting than eating while watching the telly?

Fina entertaining the guests.

Some of the guests who attended the lunch.

I and my mates went to their house by my car (Toyota RAV4). Did I fall asleep in this picture? Yes, I did.....

One for the album. From left, Sahana, Faaz, Kina, Fina, Zahran, me & Azwan.

Fina and Kina are new PhD students who just arrived in Birmingham, continuing their studies at the Department of Geological Sciences and Department of Computer Science, University of Birmingham respectively. As they just moved to their new house, they had organised a house warming lunch for their friends there. We were treated with nasi lemak, pecal, lamb rendang, chocolate cake and bread pudding, just to name a few dishes. It was a wonderful event, especially when it had been ages since the last time I had eaten nasi lemak. So, to Fina & Kina, I wish u guys will have a wonderful time along with your studies here. All the best & good luck too!


Mademoiselle Cynicleopetra said...

nampaknya cuaca sungguh cantik ya nabil tak sejuk sgt ya?

Mem Aluya said...

Waaaahhh... they've got cable... boleh tengok f.r.i.e.n.d.s :D

All the best to Kina and Fina :)

zool irfan said...

tak sejuk ke pakai baju kurung tu?

Dory said...

nnt sy masakkan nasi lemak tuk nabil ye? hihihihi (pas ckp ni hidung berdarah sb menipu)

Pink Marie said...

sebelom idung berdarah patah dulu gigi sbb kena tumbuk.

bila nk sampai nieeeeee mencinyeee!!

Fina Roslan said...

terima kasih ye Midhat Nabil mempromotekan kami di sini:)

Mem Aluya -->thank you:)

Zool --> jd perempuan kena menderita tuk menjd kebetulan hari tu tk sejuk sgt~~~